Saturday, 1 January 2011

GM - Sample Footage

Untitled from gina maunsell on Vimeo.

Here are three scenes of sample footage from our opening. The shots of the house being watched from the bushes is practice filming Gina did before the day we filmed. This was to test the best time to film in the dark but still being able to see everything we want to. The scene where our girl is getting ready was shot on the actual day but this footage we are not going to be using in the real thing because our actress was unsure of what she was supposed to be doing so it isn't very smooth. The bath scene was also shot then and we think is was very successful so will consider using it in our production.

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  1. have you clearly set out a post tackling your target audience?
    this links into the need for making clear what audience feedback you got on this, and detailing precisely what changes that brought about!
    read the Evaluation questions!!!


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