Tuesday, 18 January 2011

GM - First Rough Cut of Last One Standing

The Last One Standing - Rough Cut 1

We have spent 5 or 6 lessons editing our footage. We began with 42 minutes but most of this was retakes of parts we weren't sure if it worked well or not and also when we forgot to press the record button again to stop filming. Straight away we have cut it down to 4 minutes and from here we have ordered the clips and begun editing them. We haven't done anything with the sound yet so you can still hear our voices in the background. You can also hear music playing because it was awkward when we were filming and people kept on laughing but this resolved the problem. We still have some more editing and cutting of clips to do, especially towards the end but we have condensed it to just under 3 minutes.

Untitled from gina maunsell on Vimeo.

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