Tuesday, 23 November 2010

JT - Deconstruction of "The Shortcut"

-Diegetic all the way through, main sound is the dialogue and scream (also footsteps)
- only 17 words were aloud and we did under 17 (dialogue)  this helps the audience engage in whats going to happen
-The footsteps crunching on the leaves create mise-en-scene and helped create the illusion of someone following the girl

- Costumes signify that the girls have been out partying and the blonde girl is stereotypically going to die. The clothes are very revealing
-Blonde girl goes on her own through the "shortcut" which just so happens to be a dark wood late at night- the others go off and typically leave her on her own, the audience can tell that something will happen to her
-There are POV shots to connote that the girl is being followed
-The mise-en-scene helps signify that the girl is scared because of the close up shots on her face (the end of her eye looking around)
-When the phone rings it shows an "unknown caller" which again signifys shes being followed

Opening Credits:
- Has character's names and the directors name appear on the screen, they fade in and out on black screen - the font is red sans-serif
-The film name appears in bold, sans-serif font and is in red again

What we have learnt:
-We have learnt that using low angles on the footsteps creates more tension because you cant see the rest of their body, and the leaves helped to signify someones being followed
-Use a call sheet so we know which shots are in the same location
-If doing a dark scene do it when the sun is going down so its not fully pitch black
-Plan better

Challenges we faced:
-Misjudged the weather so we had to use alternate lighting (torches, phone light)
-To get the right shots that we wanted we had to get to different places, and go from one to the other
-Planning could of been more stable so it was all planne and organised when we got there

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